Introductory Video


Gain 10x more trust by letting people see your face and hear your voice.

Let’s record a short video introducing yourself to potential employers and positioning yourself as the obvious candidate to hire!

Make sure you’re in a quiet, distraction-free space, and that your face is well lit so we can focus on what you’re saying.

I’ll stitch them together and send the final video back to you to publish on YouTube & your personal website.

Here’s your script from the


Now, turn these words into shorthand, bulleted notes for yourself. This will sound much more natural & engaging to viewers.

Each bullet should be a reminder to yourself about what you want to say.

For example,

I believe the workforce demonstrates the values a company or organization communicates to the world — which is why it's important to prioritize the development of the employees!

Can shorten to:

  • workforce reflects values — prioritize employee dev !

Do whatever works for you. Remember, the bullets should remind you what you want to say, not tell you what to say. Let yourself do that naturally.

The final result should be a series of bullets that look something like this:


Now, copy those bullets into the VideoAsk “notes” and start practicing!

Unless you’re in the 0.1% of people who can record one-hit wonders, it will take you at least 5-10 tries to get something you’re decently happy with. More realistically, expect to run through 10-20 versions to get something you’re really happy with.

Sometimes, it takes even more tries! That’s okay. Do something else for a while, and come back to it with a fresh mind later.

If you find that you simply cannot get a good take after 30 attempts, let me know and we can try another method.

Ready? Let’s go 👇

Reply to this VideoAsk using your bulleted script:

Toggle Notes “ON,” and paste your script there
Toggle Notes “ON,” and paste your script there