Big Financial Goal Calculator


Unlock true income growth fueled by long-term motivators.

In order to unlock true income growth, we need to set big goals that feel nearly unattainable. In order to set this goal, we need to ask ourselves,

What could I do in this world if I had 4x more money? 10x?

Make a list of the things you want to be able to afford, and how much they’d cost (roughly). If you have a spouse/life partner, do this exercise with them!

Things I/we want to afford

Thingwhy?Estimated costnotes
Front + back yard remodeling
to host parties/etc. and be in love with our home
Tesla Model S
to stop relying on gasoline, and have a 100x better driving experience
down payment
Investing in pre-seed startups
to support the kind of work I want to see in the world, but don’t have time/expertise for myself
per month
Donating to mental health & social equity charities
to improve quality of life for millions of people everywhere
per year
College alternative/trade school fund for kids
to give them the life they deserve
A house in the south of France
to be closer to family and enjoy Provence when we want to
down payment

Don‘t let this big number scare you—let it fuel you. These are valid, important things to you, and you deserve to have them. So use them as intrinsic motivators to set a stretch goal for your income—either monthly or yearly.

The stretch goal should be big enough to take 1-5 years to achieve.


Mine is $20,000/month by the end of 2022. It’s currently April 2021, and I’m at about $4,000. Onward and upward! 😀 🚀

My big number is: $___________.