Minimum Salary Calculator

What’s your “number”? The amount of money you need to earn from a job, business, etc. in order to do that thing full-time?

The answer depends on how much money you need to live a stable, stress-free financial situation. (Not a thriving, ideal financial situation—yet!—just what’s necessary.)

How to determine your “number”

Because the “number” is based on our cost of living, we need to factor in all our expenses. Break it down as much as is helpful for you:

My Expenses

Savings & retirement contribution (always pay yourself first, and consider your savings an expense!)
House payment (rent or mortgage, include HOA dues if applicable)
Other debt payments (credit cards, loans, etc.)
Insurance payments (health, homeowners/renters, auto, life, pet, etc.)
Electric bill
Water/sewer/trash bill (if separate from HOA)
Gas utility bill (if you have gas appliances)
Internet bill
Groceries (calculate using the average of your past 3-6 months’ spend)
Car gas (filling up)
Gym membership(s)
Professional memberships (job sites, etc.)
Entertainment subscriptions (Netflix, etc.)
Spending money

The sum of all this is your number.

Now, go back to

and enter it there.

If you want help calculating your number, you can:

  • schedule a coaching session
  • ask a friend/family member/mentor to help you
  • hire a professional financial advisor