Career Positioning


Position yourself as the obvious candidate for the type of work you want to be doing!

Here’s what the final result looks like:


First, fill in these blanks


Make sure you write inside each “Empty quote” section, or the magic breaks.

Introduce yourself by name, and briefly describe the type of work you do (or want to get hired for).

For example:

Hey there! I’m Jeremy, and I’m a creative director. I lead creative teams to produce award-winning work that drives business results.

Why do you enjoy this type of work?

For example:

I grew up making all kinds of art with friends—and I’ve always been the “designer” friend who noticed cool logos and billboards more than others. Nothing gets me more excited than collaborating on high-quality creative projects.

What is your experience?

Whether formal education, professional experience, or none prove you are good at this kind of work—or at the very least, that you are learning quickly.

For example:

I got my bachelor’s in design management, but I really cut my teeth in the creative world by interning at an award-winning ad agency during college, and then starting two agencies of my own. I’ve worked with nearly one hundred clients across nearly every industry, and you can see most of my work on my website, jeremy.chevallier.net.

Finally, share how people can work with you.

For example:

I’m looking for my next opportunity to lead a creative team in-house or on a consulting basis. Shoot me an email at jeremy@chevallier.net if you’d like to explore working together.

Now, let’s put it all together…

This is your career positioning statement! Use it in your:

  • LinkedIn “About” section
  • Job board profiles
  • Personal website home page

Click & drag to copy & paste all sections together.

Bonus: Turn this into a video for 5x better results

Video is even more powerful than written word. Let people see your face and hear your voice, and they will instantly trust you more.

Even if you’re uncomfortable recording video, this approach will guide you to something you’re proud of: