Interview Question Sheet


Have better interviews by qualifying them the way a consultant does.

Questions for them

What’s important for you to know?

Refer back to your

if needed.

Why did you start this company?

What is your runway?

1- and 5- year goals for company?

What are you looking for in an amazing sales person? What would make you say “I absolutely have to hire this person” 

What are you trying to achieve in the organization?

How are you currently approaching it? Where do you feel you are falling short?

What kinds of processes & documentation do you currently have?

Skills I contribute best

How are you MOST valuable to them? (Not everything you can do for them.)

Refer back to your

if needed.

What I’m looking for

What matters most to you?

Refer back to your

if needed.

My current commitments

Do you have a current job and/or other work, projects, etc. that you want to continue spending your time on?

Things to watch out for

What’s gone wrong in your past experiences? Personality conflicts,