Praise the sun

Originally published Oct 29, 2019

Praise the sun y’all


There’s better days ahead

For those who praise the sun god

If we go outside when we wake up we can take off

We can take off

Every morning when I wake I praise the sun

Step outside into its rays so they can wake me up

Liberating me gently from the tempting embrace of more sleep

So I can hit the ground running as I keep elevating my dreams

If you blink your eyes twice, sit up and look around

You’ll see this miracle of life is what it’s all about

You could picture this sky melting into the ground

Like a smile melting into a frown

A verse of vocal sounds melting into the background

Birds flying on the breath of earth it’s all astounding to me

How it grounds me and surrounds me

And reminds me that heavens all around me

Wake up yellow light and it’s praises to Ra

Now it got my mind ra racing off

Sunny Arizona where everyday lit,

everyday feel like a vacation

This warm light gives you energy to take off

And for plants to thrive on their own system it’s such a miracle

It’s what makes us feel like we’re living at all

What makes my life so worth living

Praise the sun god



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