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Tools to create a career that makes you come alive.

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Getting Started in Notion
Getting Started in Notion

Personal discovery

“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

You need this if…

You’re not sure what you should do—maybe you’re attracted to many things, or very few.

You’re not sure about your strengths and how they “fit in” with the overall job market.

Why do you need discovery?

Because you’ll start making progress once you’ve gained clarity on what you do best, and which opportunities you should pursue.


Visualize what you want to have, do, and be in your best life!

Vision Board
Big Financial Goal Calculator


Uncover the deepest reasons why you persevere in the face of adversity.

7 Layers of Why

Identify your strengths + weaknesses, and opportunities to contribute them to the world.

SWOT Analysis

Narrow down all the possibilities into the most feasible & exciting paths.

Top 3 Opportunities

Career Positioning (Working out loud)

You need this if…

You feel like you could do great in a certain role, but people don’t seem to agree, and therefore don’t hire you.

Why do you need positioning?

“Positioning” means intentionally showing up the way you want to be seen. It’s an exercise not only in appearing a certain way, but in embodying it as well.

When you position yourself clearly, people stop doubting your abilities. They begin to trust what you say & want to work with you.


Consciously manifest the type of work that will maximize your happiness and success.

Ideal Role Outline

Position yourself as the obvious candidate for the type of work you want to be doing!

Career Positioning
Introductory Video


Maximize your credibility using other people’s words.

Social Proof

Make it easy for people to find you, learn about you, and connect with you.

Personal Website Template – Fully Interactive Notion Site w/ Global Blocks
Website Domain Name Ideator

Career Outreach (Job hunting & interviewing)

You need this if…

You know what kinds of opportunities you want, but don’t know how to get them.

Why do you need outreach?

The classic submit-your-resume-on-job-boards can’t recognize you for your true abilities and potential. We use outreach to connect directly with decision-makers, build a strong network, and ultimately find new opportunities (whether they be jobs, clients, or beyond).


Make quicker decisions about which work opportunities to avoid, and which to pursue.

My Must-Haves in a Job


Save time & focus on better job opportunities.

Alternative job boards
Job Hunting Dashboard


Bypass applicant tracking systems and make direct contact with decision makers.

Hiring Manager Outreach

Convince people of your abilities through storytelling.

Interview Question Sheet
S.T.A.R. Method

Leverage building

You need this if…

You’re doing too much menial work. Ready to win back your time? This is for you.

Why do you need to build leverage?


Maximize your ability to do high-impact work that moves the needle for your company.

XDS™ Audit