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I’ve spent a decade figuring out my own calling, and realized it’s helping others find theirs. (Ironic, eh?) I’ve built this program over dozens of coaching sessions to help you:

Figure out your callings

Discover your strengths, motivations, and most valuable contributions to the world.

🏃‍♂️ Turn them into your career

Convince people to pay, contract, and hire you full-time, even if you lack experience.

✨ Build a life around it

Our careers should support the things we want to do in our lifetime—not take it over completely.


Job seekers routinely pay up to $500 for a resume rewrite. With this program, you’ll never need a resume again. You’ll never even need to job hunt again.


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Discover your calling


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma

Not sure what you should do? Maybe you’re attracted to many things, or very few? Have lots of ideas

Or maybe you’re not sure about your strengths and how they “fit in” with the overall job market?

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Discover what you should do & how you fit in by clarifying what you do best, and what you care about.

Turn it into your career


“Don’t underestimate any form of outreach. I landed the 2nd biggest gig of my entire career simply reaching out to an agency I came across via a Facebook ad and asking if they needed copywriting help.” ― Jacob McMillen, How To Become A Copywriter & Earn Six Figures+ In 2021

You know what kinds of opportunities you want, but don’t know how to get them.

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The classic submit-your-resume-on-job-boards can’t recognize you for your true abilities and potential.

Turn it into your career


“You can be a delicious, ripe peach, and there will still be people in the world who hate peaches.” ― John Stepper, Working Out Loud (For a better career and life)

Feel like you could crush it in a certain role, but companies won’t hire you?

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“Positioning” means intentionally showing up the way you want to be seen. It’s an exercise not only in appearing a certain way, but in embodying it as well.

When you position yourself clearly, people stop doubting your abilities. They begin to trust what you say & want to work with you.

Level up into leadership

“Leadership is influence—nothing more, nothing less.” ― John C. Maxwell, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Doing too much menial work? Ready to win back your time? This is for you.


This is too expensive. Is there a cheaper version?

I have built & tested this program with dozens of friends & coaching clients, and now I want to offer it to people on a “low cost, low touch” model — meaning, instead of having coaching sessions with me, you follow the program at your own pace, and can reach out to me via Slack at any time with questions or feedback. If you would like to try this model, please



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