I’m a multidisciplinary designer, marketer, and creative director with over 10 years’ experience in strategizing and executing (re)branding initiatives, product launches, marketing & sales collateral, and content marketing campaigns.

Every chapter is a story. I try to tell them visually. Enjoy! 🙏

👉 Education

I got my Bachelor’s in Design Management from

, and supplemented that traditional education with an intensive four-month creative internship at
Moses, Inc.
Moses, Inc.

👉 Client work

Through independent freelancing, my agency

, and even some full-time gigs, I’ve amassed deep experience scoping projects, setting expectations, building teams, communicating clearly, and delivering business outcomes.


Amelia Bright-Yassin, marketing manager at the West End Well “Jeremy's breadth of skill and innate creativity has produced outstanding design. He is a pleasure to work with; professional and patient as we developed the concept, responding to questions promptly, and contributing solid ideas and new angles throughout the creative process. We couldn't be more thrilled with the final product.”



Joey Gutos, lead singer & marketing manager,

“I have worked extensively with Jeremy not only for personal branding projects but with my musical collective team as well. He is always passionate about his process and holds himself to the highest standard in delivering a product that speaks for a brand. His work ethic is commendable and he is honest throughout his process not only with himself but with his clients. I see a bright future for Jeremy and have already recommended his work to a number of colleagues and plan to do so going into the future.”

👉 Companies

I’ve built a full-service creative agency and cofounded a startup, which then became two startups.


👉 Passion projects

I’ve built and marketed projects on pure passion for civic engagement and grassroots empowerment.


👉 Future possibilities


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