Career Crash

Career Crash

Funnily enough, my professional relationship with Crash started in growth marketing.

It was September 2019, and my cofounder at

had taken a step back from the business to recalibrate and stabilize himself through a full-time job. Because he’d always been the one to grow our company, I realized I was lacking the skillset necessary to keep bringing in new business myself. So, I subscribed to
’s self-serve plan and started learning growth marketing.

As I was learning, I also started hunting for some clients on which to apply my newfound learning. We’d developed a partnership with Crash prior, and as luck would have it they were hiring a “Growth Hacker/Marketer/Wizard” right at that time! So, I pitched CEO Isaac on hiring me as a consultant to build out their growth experiments.

Very soon after beginning, however, I noticed that the product was difficult to market and needed some love from a designer. When Isaac made me a full-time offer to join as Director of Marketing, I accepted and began shaping the user onboarding experience in order to better acquaint myself with Crash’s target users.

the core tool to make it more accessible, intuitive, and enjoyable to use.



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