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As a.. (perspectives)

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Mar 6, 2017 8:48 PM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @March 6, 2017

Us v. the State

As a defendant

I should have been more responsible

I should have known to prioritize traffic school over filing my taxes

I should have reached out to you sooner

I should have, and it's my fault

As a judge

You could have known my need

You could have seen the good that tries so hard to seep out of me

You could have been the difference between

You in your $200 shoes, and me in mine

As a defendant

You might come to see my side

You might ask for all the same things

You might think it's nothing big

But you'd be wrong, don't think you're the only asshole I deal with

As a judge

I would recognize the difference

I would want to size you up in person

I would judge your heart's intent

And I'd remember mine's, back when I was in your shoes.


As a husband,

I could afford to be more kind

I could spend way more time deliberating over your feelings

I could try just .. a little harder

And it could make things right

As a wife,

You could afford to be just a little more

You could try a little harder when I’m not getting hard.. er

You could do absolutely everything for me

And it still might not be enough

deux-   As me,

deux-   You might come to see my side

deux-   You might realize my true intentions and their motivations

moi-     You might start to schedule your own time

toi-       You might honor me with topic disclaimers

As us

We can amount to every dream we’ve ever had

We can deploy every platoon of pawns it takes to fight strongly

We can uplift ourselves, sky high, two gentle giants

And we can reign over ego. Ours and all.

This isn't another poem about love or failed make up sex

It's not about the reactions that are actually a test

Above us, Beside us

As citizens

We perceive a more perfect union

We believe in the power of true inclusion

We want to achieve better outcomes

Without some attempting to dismantle us

As representatives

You could listen up instead

You could make it possible for us to involve ourselves again

You could show humility

And pave the way to a brighter future

As people

You should see the need

You should


As patriots

As terrorists

As ourselves

As people


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