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Constantly - Chevallier EP

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Apr 12, 2016 7:03 PM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @April 12, 2016


I'm constantly perplexed by all the things around me

Constantly amazed at how the world can be so    beautiful     and yet so cruel

It's fuel to a fire that needs no renewal

I'm constantly

Thinking, feeling, mixed in, energies around me, they're all astounding, floating

Ohhh, how can I change the world in my short life ?

Ohhh, this state of mind is all that gets me by, night after night

Perfect amount of attention

Something about a potential break

Keeps me mostly sober

Even when my heart aches (x2) (sing+say)

Ohhh, it ain't easy

Special as ever, as far as specialties go


Possibly yes, but probably no (x2) (sing+say)

Knock on door - shhh

Words softly spoken, hearts beating, constantly

hushed tones, whispering secrets, constantly

stories of cutthroats, nobody needs this, constantly.

Ohhh, ohhh, constantly


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