Constantly - Chevallier EP

Originally published Apr 12, 2016


I'm constantly perplexed by all the things around me

Constantly amazed at how the world can be so    beautiful     and yet so cruel

It's fuel to a fire that needs no renewal

I'm constantly

Thinking, feeling, mixed in, energies around me, they're all astounding, floating

Ohhh, how can I change the world in my short life ?

Ohhh, this state of mind is all that gets me by, night after night

Perfect amount of attention

Something about a potential break

Keeps me mostly sober

Even when my heart aches (x2) (sing+say)

Ohhh, it ain't easy

Special as ever, as far as specialties go


Possibly yes, but probably no (x2) (sing+say)

Knock on door - shhh

Words softly spoken, hearts beating, constantly

hushed tones, whispering secrets, constantly

stories of cutthroats, nobody needs this, constantly.

Ohhh, ohhh, constantly


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