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Creative Drive // The Secret

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Oct 4, 2016 9:22 PM
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Dec 17, 2020 7:10 PM

Originally published @October 4, 2016

It was 3:35 on a Tuesday afternoon. The car passed Zavier on his way home from school, blasting music. The bumping bass mixed with the lyrics in his head.

In secret, Zavier had been writing rap lyrics & poetry since 3rd grade. He loved writing and couldn’t get enough of it. He’d never felt very good in art class, but he loved rhyming words. With the help of his buddy Cole, music was happening.

He didn’t feel artistic, really, but creative … ?  You bet.

In secret, he’d been getting quite creative. And he knew one day his secret would become famous.

Whenever Zavier’s teachers asked him what he wanted to be someday, he didn’t really have an answer. He was already being everything he wanted!

Still, the question of what he would do as a profession nagged him at every turn. He knew he wanted to go to college, but had no idea what he wanted to study. That conversation was still pretty far off. For now, he just wanted to write.

When Zavier’s dad took him to see an academic advisor at Mesa Community College, he learned a lot about course requirements, two-year plans, and how many girls were walking around campus.

Man, there were a lot of good-looking girls! For a second he wondered if that was his real motivation to go to college …

No, the girls were great, but he knew deep down that he wanted to study something cool. He just didn’t know exactly what, yet.

For now, he knew the best thing he could do was to keep writing songs with Cole. He loved doing it, and it made him more productive in school, so why not?

Next year, he promised himself he’d sign up for dual enrollment in high school, which he learned is a program that helps you earn college credit before you even go.

In between writing lyrics and free-styling with his other buddies, he’d also start looking for essay scholarships. If he could write lyrics, he could certainly write essays—easy! The advisor lady told him about, a site that could help him find scholarships of all kinds. He’d use that for sure.

But right now, it was time to go record a new song. He felt good today and knew it would turn out great. It was going to be really weird to show people his lyrics. It freaked him out a little.

But he loved getting out of his comfort zone.

Time to do it.