Cut out to FL

Originally published Jun 28, 2013


paranoid mumbling

You know, fuck florida...

I was thinking about cuttin out your heart tonight

Cooked just right for dinner, now doesn't that sound nice?

Something so peaceful,

Something you could actually imagine is real;

deceitful though it may be, and take your mind around itself, a trip so crazy

Something that'll never cease to amaze me

Reaching far beyond the "haves" and all their mad thoughts,

there's a lot more residing in the pile of the "have nots"

_ Having not clue what these dudes have chewed through,

The question is: if it were you, then what would you do?

would you take the time to tell a mindful tale for the soul,

or fake a painful ailment, a medical parole?

would you take it upon yourself, take the shelves of the walls,

And blow them down, along with everyone's elses main downfall

Sweep away the rain in a windswept mindset,

One step at a time, two, three, and now we're mindswept, Hell,

Perhaps I'm gifted with the trick of figuring it all out

Mitigated down to some kinda genius we all doubt

Up and coming lyricism just to keep it chilled out

As the verse comes to a stop, the beat is filled out ;-)


jordan sample - “that’s nice"


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