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For the traveller

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Jun 29, 2013 2:28 AM
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Dec 17, 2020 7:55 PM

Originally published @June 28, 2013



this is a song for when I'm far out of town; just a little something to keep my feet on the cold ground. The main point is simple:

it's a lesson based around the ways I can generate a smile or a frown,

or a least a dimple


Keep it down. We're sleeping in here, she says to me, and potentially, that could make things filthy

Realistically, I would think that seeing a blood bath of that atrocity, would kill me

But I must have some way that I could turn the runway into a city, filled with blocks,

those blocks filled with creeps, low-life jocks and other people who really didn't see me,

as the mentally capable man you can't be, who now preaches in rap form to thee

and slays thee on the beat, though you must admit I'm generous

Cause emcees can get a little venemous in their words, or so I've heard right?

But the point isn't really to preach, now is it? nah, it's more about the satisfaction of seeing the difference

Quietly exerting my influence behind the scenes, it might've seemed like a reference from an old dream.

I mean a little hazy, but transparently clear, if you somehow start understanding me up here.

Which you probably never will. Not to be cocky but even I don't know what my mind's filled with...

My brain is mostly made up of molecules, but my mind actually has shit falling on it too,

Spinning and flailing and mixing itself up, destroying any kind of meaning it could've held up

A melting pot of smoldering hot thoughts and dark energy, generously concoting ideas for me

If you've made it this far, and you're still far from sleep, then you can comprehend, I certify you're not a sheep,

Unlike most of our beloved society, deeply hypontized by media and piety galore

I mean, drama queens getting fiery with facebook whores, and we expect to be taken seriously by other nations in war ? or politics?

or anything for that matter? we’re a big, stupid bully, and

Dear us,

Get real,



Hah. Lust

That's just another problem I'll bring up, if I must,

cause we need a little more self control, instead of eating entertainment up to make us feel whole

keeping things bottled up inside the soul

keeping things bottled _ mmmph

my God ! this is absurd

I would’ve never guessed i’d end up without my word _ i thought we diverged