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Futurism: Emergency!

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Mar 28, 2017 4:10 AM
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Sep 26, 2021 5:00 PM

Originally published @March 27, 2017

i’m amazed at how a system so completely removed from my day-to-day life still drove such an deep impact on me.

the whole process felt completely .. standstill.



for a tug. waiting

tug after tug. waiting

into this room. waiting

now into this one. waiting

now it’s your turn. waiting

now here’s some fluids. waiting

now be a good little patient and just keep waiting

we’ll back with your statement, soon.

here’s some TV to busy your eyes

so you don’t realize how much time we’re gone.

here’s Connect Four and some spinning wood blocks for the kids you don’t have because they need color and tactility

but you can content yourself with reality TV…

reality shows how dreary the system is.

we sit in cold sterile rooms with only our shadows for company.

somewhere inside a private company so lifesaving for some

and so inefficient for us.

just one more unnecessary inefficiency in a world filled with every tech tool we could possibly need to eradicate every unnecessary inefficiency. a world lacking implementation. a result of greed

a result of not thinking.

cause it’s not really about efficiency, is it ?

it’s about experience.

i didn’t get frustrated because it took forever,

i got frustrated because i noticed

what could’ve made time fly ?

what about computers so i can get some shit done ?

what about books at least.

what other creative solutions are out there,

waiting only for someone to speak up

some of me got frustrated that i spent 8 hours in a cold sterile hospital

but other me asks —what did i get out of it ?

i got 8 hours of mostly alone time with my lovely partner in crime—far more than usual

i got this story

and i got a lesson

a reminder that it’s not always about efficiency

it’s about experience


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