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Get the definitive “no”

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Jun 19, 2020 4:12 AM
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Sep 25, 2022 5:37 AM
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Get the definitive “no”

Sometimes we give up far too quickly.

Last night, my wife Elizabeth was venting to me that she’d missed out on yet another client because of price—despite her assurances that she could work with them at just about any price.

I asked her to read me the “rejection” text from the bride.

To my surprise, the message was full of apology, explaining how bummed they were that they couldn’t work with Elizabeth and how they’d made the decision to go with someone cheaper.

To the untrained entrepreneur, this might feel like the end—but I knew it was far from over.

Yes, the client said they had made their decision to go with someone cheaper. But had they actually booked the photographer yet? If not, there was still hope.

Elizabeth had already responded, so we took a different approach, but if you ever hear that a client “decided on someone else” rather than “signed with someone else,” you better believe there’s still hope.


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