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Ghost Train

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Nov 25, 2016 3:15 PM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

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  • Intro
    • Starts during hide and seek game at strange BGC, I discover that with two finger tap on any surface I could send shadows/light, plant masks, etc.
    • One of the kids gets my pig mask stuck on their face
    • I get in trouble, I'm convicted of witchery
  • Taken to a prison ghost train - designed for gifted prisoners - everything is blurring past, everything low saturation greyish and humming loudly
  • Headmistress throws me into a double wagon- other side is long term prisoners (they've completely lost their minds, all vacant looks and various levels of translucent, nobody ages in the train so impossible to tell how long they've been in there)
  • Explains their type of punishment and how to them it seem like nobody else exists, only the driver/lesson up front, and it will happen to me too if i misbehave. Shows me a quick example and it freaks me out
  • Start to develop semi relationships with other wagon mates discussing what we're in for and what our powers are
  • No idea how much time is passing, from time to time headmistress comes in from back of wagon, sometimes angry, sometimes to stop the train for a bit
    • We stop to feed blood to a gnarled tree with a sharp tooth mouth
    • Stop for a swim in a school pool,
    • Train breaks down one time, doors somehow get open, some of the prisoners decide to run, Headmistress disintegrates them
  • Other times we get away with certain things (Wagon driver & nurse seem to be on our side, lets us get away with things)
    • We manage to sneak into the other side of the wagon with music, start dancing and trying to bring the other prisoners back to their senses (my idea). We get them to each smile and dance with one of us, I dance with a pretty girl who can see me and is smiling, but throughout the whole thing they still have no idea that their cellmates exist, and as soon as the headmistress is approaching we all run back to our wagon. I steal one last glance at my dance partner, she's staring at the spot I was standing in before left her, completely lost once again...
    • Another time nurse gives us some puzzle games, we try to do them but the ink on the paper keeps moving around impossibly, until headmistress comes in and we try to hide everything
    • Another time we find a movie but when we try to watch it all the colors are melting apart and into each other as they animate...

This is by far the trippiest dream I've ever had, and I wish I could remember more of it


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