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Goosefeather Murder on Meltingsnowhill

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Dec 17, 2020 6:45 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

Floorboards creak under cold bare feet

A thin stream of white filters in from the streetlight

A hand slips around face

Zip tie hands to waist

Twist arms


Wrestle for con-trol!

The face fades from flesh to feathers and from warm-blooded color to deep blue

to purple

to gray, dead gray, lifeless gray,

mouth chokes a puff of dust,

eyes dim like flickering fake fires dying into ash,

ears peel backwards and suddenly my fears feel fractured.

It takes … an eternally .. cold .. minute to realize— it’s done. Over. Finally. Finally gone.

I can sleep peacefully now, knowing my evil is gone.

Put the tools neatly back

A place for everything

Everything in its place

*A slow, deep breath*

Sneak off into cold clear skies peeling to the side as the ground reels in a thunderous groan

People crane their necks to see what’s causing it all, there’s no sign of a storm,

The groan lasts far too long to be a roll of thunder, but before we have time to wonder aloud a cloud of dust comes rumbling over the hill, or is it vapor? Is it safer over here? Should we try and get near?

We all reel as the earth boils and churns into dirty steaming water instantly swallowing the elderly and the small

Carrying their screams down a massive flash stream too steep to pass

Too real to un-see

This sobering dream scene

Too real to un-see


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