Gymopédie à la PocketFreud

Originally published Jan 3, 2016

You know why

I've been here all this time

Lost in the art of you

Caught up in all of you

And you know why

I just won't leave you behind

Lost in the art of you

I'm caught up in all of you

Sunrise over the eastern bay and

I can't help but wonder what you'll be doing today

Another sunset passes without you

How can I hope to continue

Without you (dim)

My understanding of the womanly perspective is a limited assessment, so please don't try to mess with my views, and what I know is the truth, cause if I know it to be true then I'm gonna do it to you, and if I do it to you well obviously I expect you to do it to me too.

Every morning when I wake up and I wonder where you're at, my heart bleeding, telling myself to just keep breathing and think about something else, at least until this evening

And every day I get off late I know you're still at work, should I stop in for a quick spin and a chat afterwards? Ass backwards, mixing up my ad words and ad verbs, but it don't matter long as I get to hear some of that golden laughter I'll be good

But I won't give up on you

I won't give up on us

I won't


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