How to be human - Afreezy

Originally published Dec 15, 2020

How to be human?

Start by including

Your beautiful noggin

In every decision you’re choosing

Accept that you’re stewing in

Countless emotions and

Subject to dealing with

Life’s little nuisances

How to be human?

Choose to be lucid or

Choose to be stupid and

Act like a hooligan

In what you’re doing

Accept that your ruling

Intentions are human

Accept that your ruling

Intentions are human


You will not win attention

If you‘re rude to them

Or if you’re foolish then

You will assume again

Even if you intend

Never to do anything

against humans

Oh and if you pretend

Oh and if you pretend

Life’s making too much sense

And you been spoon-fed this

Nonsense through tubes again

How to be human?

You can get juiced up on politics

Souped up on garbage

And cooped up on joblessness

You can do all the things that keep you moving constantly

You can choose to be in tune with your true feelings

Soon you will view things through a new lens

You will see the world

and the truth is that

Love ain’t a Boolean

It’s more than two people

You can be true to them all, and still truly win

I’m gonna prove it and

When I do we will win


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