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I wanna watch you rense off

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Jun 29, 2013 2:27 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @June 28, 2013


Buzzing about my mind right now is some form of sensing, akin to sin, sensation, an elation of feeling

Peeling off my aura in incredible waves and revealing a truer nature than my heart could ever brave

Oh Wondrous Whims, save me from this phase in my life as I try to highlight the things, — what things?

the things that make me imagine what else there could've been. (the things we all wish coulda shoulda woulda been)

Not akin to my acquantainces, since my relationships, have been faded since high school

but my soul thanks God, in light of foolish thought I've returned to rightfully earn the medium of coolish-hot

Not a condescending term, a sort of irony, that's all. Sorry if you can't keep up with an intellectually fast ball

An intellectually fast-paced wordy rat race kind that takes you on a trip to an entirely different state of mind

Puzzled by the same things he gladly chooses not to consume and

If it was mine, I would do what everyone else says to do, the main thing that'll get you through

What is that, you ask? simple: get through, life's cluttered clues with no regrets, grudges, or dues.

Although getting them all's nearly impossible, to some who don't see, the challenge is rather compelling,

As the rest of us have come to learn, and love makes its way, leaving behind the burns of its mental plague


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