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If your LinkedIn doesn’t have portfolio samples, I’m not reaching out to you

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May 10, 2020 10:39 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

I just got an inbound request for introductions to freelance graphic designers in the GigLoft community.

Client has a $2,000 budget right now, and looking for someone long-term. This is a great lead. Unfortunately, GigLoft has freelance UI/UX designers, web designers, and brand designers, but nobody who specifically wants to focus on graphic design!

So, off I go to LinkedIn to find a freelance graphic designer. What a great opportunity for someone. And what do I find?

I’m clicking on profiles of supposed “freelance graphic designers” who don’t showcase any of their work. No website linked. No portfolio. No sample projects. Nothing graphic whatsoever. Just words. Seriously?!?

If you‘re a freelance designer and you’d like to get inbound attention without having to do any work finding those potential clients, you better be marketing yourself as a designer. That means showing off your work—not talking about it.

About a dozen “freelance graphic designers” just missed out on an opportunity simply because their LinkedIn profiles aren’t showcasing their work. If your LinkedIn doesn’t have portfolio samples, I’m not reaching out to you. Simple as that.

If you want work, make yourself the obvious choice.


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