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Inspiration strikes randomly

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May 30, 2020 4:47 AM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

I just discovered one of the coolest “personal brand” figures I‘ve yet to come across.

Lee Rowley started his “Copybranding” consultancy in 2017, explaining:

I have to use the word "copywriter" in my title for obvious reasons. But "copywriting" inadequately describes what I do for my clients. There wasn't an accurate description at all, really. So I made one up: Copybranding.

Two years later, he started a unique business show (a game, really) whose main premise is not discussing business until the last few minutes. Then, a few months after launching that, he created Copybrand U as the third product arm of his growing empire. As the name implies, it’s where you learn his unique method.

The best parts of all this?

#1 Copybrand U is a fucking dollar to start. Not a discovery call. Not a syllabus request. Just a dollar, and it’s all yours.

#2 His LinkedIn tagline, what originally caught my eye and led me down this rabbit hole, reads:

Copywriter? Pfft... I ride shotgun in your buyer's subconscious.

MIND FUCKING BLOWN. This guy simultaneously gets his trade across instantly, yet challenges the very notion and plants his flag in a completely different quadrant by having by far the most unique—and powerful—tagline of anyone I’ve ever seen on LinkedIn.

Hats off to Lee for the seemingly flawless execution of every facet of every project. When I compare it all to my trajectory with PubLoft/GigLoft, I realize that I’ve got a lot to improve on.

And it inspires me.


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