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Dec 17, 2020 6:35 PM
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Originally published @December 27, 2017

I️ am a free spirit moving too fast to be restricted to one path

My teachers attempted in vain to get my brain to slow in processing the food they force fed us & claimed was a great education

I️ wish I️ had learned to play the game by their rules. It’s safe to say I️ won’t choose to make the same mistakes.

Only a fool would have it his way.

I️ know it’s not easy to reach me, so I value the leaders who make the effort to teach me, who push me into greatness, who check me on my perspective and complement my life lessons

I️ had a rough start,

-tell some bkgd story-

I️ had a rough start but now my growth is unstoppable when I️ focus,

When I’m hungry, when what I️ want is in my sights

When I️ lock eyes with my prey, I️ know I’m eating tonight


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