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like a virus - Afreezy

like a virus - Afreezy

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Intro (Afreezy)

oh hey mama, I ain’t sick, yea

i been drinking my agua, and my tea though

it brings me inner peace, though

i realize what i have is all i need, though

i love all my friends and family, though

this quarantine has helped me see, though

i have all i need, though.

Verse 1 (Afreezy)

chillin, sip coronas like a virus

why is the fake news what always goes viral?

why do fear be trappin people up in a spiral?

white blood cells come correct, street fighter


my system immune to the bullshit information

approaching my mind off-beat like syncopation

i spot fake news from the intonation

media apparatus filled with fear and the hatred

it’s like a chaos, inviting face-offs, like “me v. you!” 

but i’d rather ride together on the scenic route

unity influence me with a peaceful group

no sickness, just the love, it’ll see me through

you just have to feel it to believe it, too

my vision on lock, major key (or two)

whole world on hold, but it hasn’t shook me

i be chillin with my homies, smoking, eating cookies BITCH!

Neil DeGrasse Tyson on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

will people listen to scientists??

Verse 2 (PocketFreud)

chillin, sippin on corona, hold the virus

fuck around and i might just go viral

to avoid this fear trapping people in a spiral

i will keep my social media outta sight like it’s outta style !

something’s spreading unknown throughout our circles

seeping unseen across our entire world

if you catch it

you might get really sick from it

you can die from it

don’t get caught up in the lies of it though

quit panic-buying random shit to put in storage

be an adult and take the high road

information is blowing through our midst

the not-so-fake news our president will not admit

listen closely,

choose what to believe,

put some distance in between you and your social media feeds

clear your airwaves of the troubles of the past

don’t take things at face value, it‘s time to ask

good questions about the data and the facts

that they have to spit out from behind their precious GUCCI masks

let’s take care of each other like we deserve

give fist bumps instead of hugs, cough inside your shirt

leave essential goods for those in medical service, and

stay the fuck home, don’t panic just be alert, and

play it cool, wash your hands, dont touch your face

evade the mass hysteria got you runnin in place

take a deep breath, everything’ll be okay

the stock market will be back for everyone to chase

and classes will resume and soon give you a way

to continue with your life like a virus never came

President Barack Obama, December 31, 2016 Weekly Address: Working Together to Keep America Moving Forward

we’ve been kicking the can down the road for way too long,

and to keep America moving forward is a task that falls to all of us.

because that’s always been our story:

the story of ordinary people working together… 


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