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Not your parents’ career advice

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Dec 17, 2020 6:36 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

That’s why

I wish somebody would talk to you like this

Keep it real about all the career opportunities that exist

If you listen to the old generation tell you what’s out there waiting for you

You’ll probably don’t wanna go out there at all do you?

Talking bout

Going to college and trading your financial stability for a good degree

Something they promise is supposed to guarantee your job security?

The truth is, that’s bullshit! You only need two things to get a job

And hear me when I say your career doesn’t have to be a slog

Yes you gotta work hard and smart to get ahead

Especially if you’re not a white male — But that doesn’t mean you have to dread

Going to work every morning,

It’s possible to do work you love, build the career you’ve been dreaming of

Not just possible, actually

It’s your damn duty!

It’s your duty to yourself, to your future spouse and kids,

To NOT stay stuck in a job that just pays rent

You just have to question the idea that all you see is all you get

There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to make the click

It’s time to turn off autopilot,

put both hands on the wheel and fucking drive

The world is waiting for you to discover and do what makes you come alive.

That’s why


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