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Oceans // Crises - The Path

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May 1, 2015 6:34 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @April 30, 2015

I'm a — lonely craft —  — lost in a — vast ocean of lust — — — and I'm attached — to a dock that rarely rocks me enough ...

I teeter

I rise — and I fall with the cycles, spending all my time — restlessly idle

My preeminent passion propels me at Godspeed,

regardless how powerless I might feel in her grip,

bent over backwards, twisted in -tions connip-

somethin tells me — if I recall correctly — this feeling is a red flag leavin' me empty


I'm a white flag floating in this wide ocean of envy, intent on ascending the right course, and gently

setting sail for horizons that strike me. Smite or be slighted, I'll take the opportunity

On pace. Calmly trace the route politely!

Despite all the wake generated I quietly shh... chug along, lone ship passing in the night, to a song of crippled times that nickel and dime,

fearmongering the weak, plowing their minds with ads, and sewing their fruitless seeds of wrath. grapes of lust served up along with that? They're no match. It's a bust

And it happens to the best of us.

— yea — Fuck

It happens to the worst of us.

No wonder they're bound to end up murderous.

this charade — boils me down — to my last nerve — —

and shoots me straight past my belated learning curve —  zou !

Shit. My efforts all amounted to nothing.

it's something to which I'm unfortunately accustomed


Baby, you got the body of a model, and the head of a monopoly dig? So don't get stuck at a job shooting pornography flicks - you're entrepreneurial, I see the gears turns and I hear the clicks but something embedded along the way prevents you from finding a fix

You see, you may prefer to walk and talk, and slowly run out of breath but I take the mountain in leaps and bounds to the top, openly welcoming death !

How many other men would tend to your feelings day after day?

It's sad to say I never thought our story would wrap up this way ...

We felt cut from the same cloth, but we snapped out of it.

Perhaps our thread counts diverged or we backed out of what appeared to be too good to be true?

You couldn't be you?

You made me want to be true, but then I couldn't be free since I accepted you in my life for all the wrong reasons so right to me

At the time, at least

I'd like to be the one who "accepts" your mediocrity but my expectations are high, to no apology

I just can't accept a world without its opportunities

I try to drive us to our best efforts, and possibly attest to our success throughout all of our uncommonly strong experiences, fit to form a prodigy

A prodigy! You see? Be that anomaly—be the not so sore thumb that stuck out and caused a problem—be the problem solver who slowly comes to blossom as a result of this awesome unintended consequence of life

Be the blade, and be the hand that handles the knife

Soon it'll be time to leave you behind

I know you'll find your path if you try, and I know you'll try so I'm not worried for your future, I’m just preoccupied with your present, knowing all too well what it’s like to be left unattended

As much as I wanna tend to your core, I just can't be that for you anymore.

Maybe we'll cross paths again someday or stay in touch and still manage to collaborate

Either way

I'm moving on with my life, that's all I'm saying, beat me to it

The sooner we get on track with our success, the sooner we can use it


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