Off beat

Originally published Oct 10, 2013

I'm a little off beat, so to speak Softly boiled yes, but kinda hard to eat Why? Cause I watched the world turn men like me into mince meat Curled up and writhing like a dead bird in first heat Life drowned me down, I'm diminished, I'm repeating, weeks are minutes, weeks are minutes, As I finish my Guinness Put away my Tip It, pull out a dollar and pin it Crown the king pin, quick! spin it around and limit my intake abruptly amending the illicit laws of physics that assuredly twist the minds of many a mystic enlisted in picturesque portrait scenarios of mental pests imaginary to the rest, Satisfactory at best, you all will not pass contextual tests, but guess what? I digress. Lucky rats unaware they're the mouse to most cats next Confusion grows inside these baby birds in bats nest Press the staple gun to your forehead and shoot a staple wrap it tight like boars head ends in mental power disabled, it's fabled that the metaphorical staples are the fluoride traces deliberately placed in the water supply

I’m a blubbering heart throb

Massaging my hard cock

Just a couple pounds short of the 220 card stock

She only wants the badasses and hard-knocks,

But somebody stop me if I don’t make their heart stop


Well fuck you.


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