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Oldies / gramatik

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Jun 29, 2013 2:29 AM
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Aug 17, 2021 11:49 PM


I never used to play, nah

I never used to say anything that would make my day

Stuck in a cerebral mess, a general feeling, I was bored out of my mind, bouncin off of the ceiling

I was lounging in my room, all alone and cold and dark when apparently a spark made its mark

Sprawled on my bed, looking all around at sharks crawling sideways on my wall, why are they so small - -


Moms comes into my room with something new:

"be useful and go do some chores until you think you're through

then go do some more until I tell you not to"

come on mom, that ain't nothin new

I construe this message a sign of parental inexperience

just some shit momma said when she was on her period

irrelevant messages intermittent and messin with my brain, conflicting with what pops was sayin

but I gotta refrain from being too disobedient - the truth is, i just wasn't wired for this obedience thing

I got tired of the varying sources all over the media

telling me to marry her and book it on expedia

and look! you just saved a nickel and a dime and I'm sick of all this hyping of whack causes, telling me to spend my money this way and that - on a backpack or something that costs 10 times more than that

_ and that's 10 times more debt

... i just can't put a lid

on my mouth, it never runs out, like heaven forbid

never made it easy, and not like my parents did

causing all these headaches and inflamed larynxes

i mean larynges, lemme get some air in, geez

tryna flow all these words together makes my grammar freeze

not my grand. ma, my gram. mER

damn, now this music got me talking with a stammer

but I'm fine if you can't divine, and I kinda wanna grind

so it's time, to start

designing my own life, and I need my hip-hops

pop off the top and knock back the whole box

that's the only reason I can do this whatsoever

Recently gifted in the music endeavor

so I take a step back, relax, and reflect

kick out the knack and let my cortex flex

ya dig?

skip beat (#2)

frigid air blowing down from up above me

dude I'm caught up in a life so lovely

i try, and they love me, but its not like i touch thee

in a way you could understand, the way it must be

the way of the workplace, something some don't understand

A mass branding of many faces and many hands

Handling and communicating, spreading opinions ablaze,

The very same phase with my boss these days.

How fucking embarrassing, he just caught me texting

Yep, come up right behind me and enjoy all your vexing.

wait a sec. why the fuck do i care? oh yeah,

cause I just spent 13 years in plastic school chairs.

teachers staring, each repairing our mistakes

desperately doing whatever they think it takes

to get us off of our cell phones, as well as ipods,

as well flawed as defective iphones and mail fraud

that's odd, comparing them all to mail fraud? he criss crossed

the connecting rod which meant he must have misplot

the spot you thought you saw, just a mail slot in my loophole

so dope it dupes you, stoops down and eats your ethnic group whole

wait, who's hole? let's regroup

let's pack a bowl.

if work called in dude, you'd be so screwed. FUCK IT

back to what I was saying, those good ol' days of playing,

the days when teachers thought cell phones were okay

surveying us, you know just in case we disobeyed

and releasing an air raid of persuasive nay-say

a grenade, delayed till later, then replayed

at home, the whole brigade has something to say

all over me, droning on, they just don't condone

a cyclone of misplaced thoughts and unknowns

well, that's not true, i mean they've been through some of it.

even though now it's my turn to deal with all this dumb shit.

sticking out like a sore thumb, i succumb to all their dumbness

lower than pond scum, I've lost em in the darkness

barely existing in their eyes,

I'm numb from the chides and remarks and cries.... that's it

I don't despise them, I just wanna rise above it

make a compromise or some shit, or else they can fucking suck it

okay sorry I keep just... getting off track, or...

something, but honestly, how is the world not going backwards??

I get mad for reasons past your understanding, you want a sample?

mass branding students is a fine example,

if you want more, there's ample examples that i'll handle intently

as my words glow, ever so gently.


boom. on pops a commercial for rice krispies

snap, crackle, pop — now it's antihistamines

a quick word from our sponsor, maybe just a feeling

and then it's off to lower-budget programs revealing women in their near-naked state, women so underweight we asked ourselves, wait-

why do we let these women look like they never eat?

Is skeletor attractive to inactive men, so to speak?

not to exaggerate at all, but that's the kind of thought process that preceded the holocaust

Nowadays, from a young age, our children learn to hate fat chicks before they even get to menstruate...

but that dime that knew how to keep it in control - popular girl - well now she unfortunately holds all the power, send shower shots and get back dick pix in less than a minute from the ones that haven't hit it yet being the key word, cause once they aptly give her the dick, they have to disperse quick, hm

A product of competitive males pitted together and flocking to attract and attain birds of a feather


That's all they are.

And yet the power they command like gods hand controls man

You see, as soon as she figured out that she could make the boys drool by shaking her tits in their faces by the lockers at school it made her cool,

probably one of the top ten - something very different to a girl that's used to boxing, for attention with lots of them attention whores, honestly, need i even mention more?

Maybe I should, it might drive the point home

like a phonebook driven to your dome, feel me?

Or, i mean if you're a zombie, then do you hear me?

Do you think of me at night, or do you fear me?

Do you see me as an truly intellectual being,

or a, heh, well you know, a "bro, beer me"?

I really must know, so feed me and my thoughts

Feed us lies, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots

Until I overflow with anger like a volcano

And erupt across your face with my fist where what you say blows

Get the jist? But no, I could never go the extra mile;

actually carrying it all out, sounds vile

Nope, something stopped me, something unknown.

happiness (on a leash)

the simple thought process that you thought you could process

turned out to be a flow, you could say a drippy faucet

so drop it, you lost it, this is hot shit,

didn't have to be a boyscout to tie my knots thick

if you don't get that metaphor, it's cause you lost it

I told you, the meaning ain't meant to be swapped, kid

but i kid, amid all this rapping that i did

lies a grid of messy cross fibs, (forbidden)

they made me who i am, somehow hidden, a scam,

battered and rammed into the traffic jam i am now

condemned me to a life trapped inside a rerun, but im sure im not the only one

but it ain't all bad, cause i got sunshine in a bag

and happiness on a leash

so if you're down to take this trip with me,

then let's see what it might unleash

i was positive i wasn't the only one, right?

i mean i couldn't take even flight....

all in good time, that's what they said....

but then, the horizon rose, far ahead

so instead, i focused on the misread,

broke bread the very next day at my own homestead

and let my child's play give way to the dead weight

lead me astray, i beg

i pray

i prayed

but it ain't all bad, cause i got sunshine in a bag

and happiness on a leash

so if you're really down to take this trip with me,

then let's see what it might unleash

continental drifting, stick shifting, and twisting,

labeled a misfit, and twisted

coexisting consistently with these entitled individuals whose only apparent ritual was gathering residual!

I tried to hit their level but i found it quite impossible - i knew not what to say, what an audible obstacle - consider problem solvable, but that philosophy's obsolete as well as optional, so I'm in the deep now, so I will retreat now.

And don't make a peep, be very discreet, you're at the top of the heap now

now, as I sit here in my bedroom typing out this quick verse

the alternating winds outside are blowing quite adversely

so shake off the dirt and let your weed disperse

cause we're about to trip on some epic shit first


I think that tree just talked to me

more more more