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Omnipotence Awakens

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Oct 19, 2016 3:15 PM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @October 19, 2016

Power to make thoughts come to life

Not aware of it

(Continuation of sphere)

  • narrator is the shadow side of main character, treated like two separate entities but never interact or describe
  • Goes to ASU open mic comedian
  • Sees self in audience, vaguely remembers attending
  • At q and a, comedian asks old self question, interacts
  • Asks a few more people
  • Then asks new self same question, says you already asked me
  • Comedian realizes character is not really supposed to be there, gets freaked out, argument begins
  • Fight breaks out, breaks window & throws him out 7 stories

By this point he is figuring out that his thoughts seem to be manifesting

  • Attends political rally, goes to the front and argues at politicians
  • Crowd gets mad, Reps start admitting to shady things
  • People get more upset and take politicians hostage
  • He leaves, goes to make a call
  • On the phone with someone
  • Sees tiny rats on his face in booth reflection
  • Angry girl throws glass bottle at him
  • Sees truck racing toward him
  • Dives out of booth, truck crashes past, sees banner advertising to release politicians
  • Runs toward restaurant, climbs to balcony level, switches coat, walks calmly back downstairs
  • Same girl crosses him in the stairs, he acts like he doesn't know her and starts pleasant convo
  • She knows him though and fires back
  • Me says I'll explain, they turn to leave
  • Tackle her into grass, roll and land in lake
  • Swim on top of her as she's freaking out ... mushrooms bobbing in water ... dream ends

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