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On Creative Drive

On Creative Drive

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Sep 17, 2015 7:34 PM
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dedicated to those who are still finding their drive

Since birth we have been conditioned to think that we "go to school" until we graduate, then "get a job" at some "company," and then after a long "career" we will "retire" peacefully. These generic terms are what we get to look forward to. But what do they even mean? Where's the fun?? Where's the adventure???

Living a satisfying life requires more than simply meeting the demands of those in control...Yet in our offices and our classrooms we have way too much compliance, and way too little engagement.The former might get you through the day, but only the latter will get you through the night.”- Dan Pink

It always kills me to hear someone say "I'm just not the creative type." Perhaps it's an unfortunate result of the educational system we've put into place, but that's a conversation for another time.

Every human being is creative.

We may not all be artistic, but creativity is a fundamentally human attribute.

We all require intrinsic motivation -- the knowledge that what we are doing is pleasing to us, and making a difference to others. Money, of course, is a necessity, but once a sufficient sum has covered our basic needs, bonuses do not motivate us quite the same way. We need real motivation, not carrots and sticks.

I urge you to watch these TED talks (linked above) on your own time and afterwards, ask yourself this:

What motivates you?


It is not uncommon, nor is it abnormal, to feel stuck—like we are treading water, at wit's end—at some point in our lives. Somehow, it helps us gain focus and motivation. Rain always precedes sunshine. The key is to keep your goals close, and your loved ones closer, for how else can we stay optimistic?

You'll be fine. You're 25. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don't avoid it! See what those feelings are showing you... Take a breath. You'll be okay. Even if you don't feel okay all the time. - Louis C.K.

Often, our jobs are entry-level positions. First Steps. We may shovel shit, fetch coffee, or produce countless, seemingly repetitive designs, but young men & women with our talents and skill sets will not be doing entry-level work for long.

While we trudge, there is no point in waiting for our dream jobs to become available. There's no point waiting for producers to hear our lyrics, design agencies to see our projects, etc. We have to create our own opportunities! Do the things you enjoy, and show the world how well you do them. Building credibility will help you one day earn a living doing what you love.

The philosophy here is: "DO it, and they will pay." Show them what you can do, and then you will get paid to do it.

Got an eye for eye-catching detail? A taste for tasteful composition? A knack for striking art? Make something of yourself! Weeks are mere minutes in the grand scheme of life, and at any point in our twenties we are mere minutes from diving headfirst into countless opportunities. It is now that we begin our adult lives, our professional careers. Now, only you can make decisions for yourself—not your boss, not your parents—and you have been well equipped for the position:

You are intelligent; you are rational.You are ethical, and you are kind.You possess well beyond the processing power and mental capacity needed to excel in your field, and you already know it.
You don't need a director telling you how to film. You don't need an editor-in-chief telling you how to edit. You can literally do EVERYTHING. By yourself! And you have the potential to do it a hell of a lot better than other people in your field. You must understand how empowering this is. There's only one thing left to do. GO, and do what you want to do. Go, do you.

You will find your sound, your style, your paychecks along the way—and they won't always be in the form of money. They will be in food, in lodging, in favors, in collaborations. You will find people along the way who can offer you much more than just money. The potential return on investing in yourself is incredible.

Never lose your passion, and never lose your focus.

Never stop questioning yourself and the world around you.

Never fear to express yourself, and never fear love.

We can thrive in a world starved of creative endeavor. We can make a difference in our lives and in others'. We will do it, because we're passionate, and because we're the future leaders of the world. Now GO, and do what you want to do. Go, do you.

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