Persevering through DNS

After 3 days of grueling, frustrating troubleshooting, I finally have joinsiliconvalley.com live. Check it out!

I’ve had some trying times throughout my journey learning code. This one, however, has given me a new area to explore: DNS. If you don’t know,

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet. While humans access information online through domain names like example.com, computers do so using Internet Protocol (IP) addresses—unique strings of alphanumeric characters that are assigned to every Internet property. DNS translates domain names to IP addresses so users can access a website easily without having to know the site’s IP address.

Now, you may notice that this website is built on Notion. I’m using a Cloudflare worker (basically, some free-standing javascript) to reroute the domain to point to a specific Notion page. I didn’t figure this out myself—shouts out to

It was the worker route that was wrong. I had it set to *.joinsiliconvalley.com/* (subdomains) instead of the root domain.

I wasn’t able to solve it in a day, but I did solve it.

Persistence leads to results we can be proud of.


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