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Political Outrage

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Dec 17, 2020 6:43 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

Airport like facility

After meeting with young professionals

Pass by Leader X in hall, find out France time is now 12 hrs ahead of Phoenix??

He explains that it’s a new policy to fight ___

Don’t understand, see a commotion as large numbers of people are filing into a lecture hall

Realize they are turning away English speakers at the door, so start asking random questions in French. They let me in without a second thought

Find a seat in the back next to young twin girls

Speaker starts, explains that we are living in an exciting age & other fluffed statements that tell us nothing. Explains only that it is a new initiative by Leader X and then begins to play video

Video shows people on a school bus, happy and excited , explains no more than speaker did. Only makes it clear that things are changing and its a good thing for everyone

Towards the end of the video, girl next to me starts taking American dollars out of her purse and hands them over to me without a word. When video is over, she hands them to me, gets up and leaves quietly. Everyone else starts to do the same

As people are leaving I loudly question the speaker, asking why someone just handed me money. He says only for me to hand it to Group leader and I start to question more loudly

“How is it that after watching that whole video, I have no idea why the girl gave me this money?!”

Convince the speaker to stay and explain things to the throng of people still hanging out, seeking explanations like me

He starts getting angry as he explains why it’s better for the Federation this way

I look up and see military soldiers looking down from the windows. Some of them start to hang down International flags. I am wearing WE ARE ONE

Speaker continues his explanation, which is becoming more twisted and fascist(?) by the second

Finally things start getting physical, I throw a punch and he comes crashing down on me with hate and anger ….. …  ..  .



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