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Random Flow

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Jun 29, 2013 2:23 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @June 28, 2013

the conglomerate of narcississtic artists is back

marching from God's Gate,

that's a heaven sent metaphor,

dominantly conjuring a killer monopoly

honestly, a filler I really never wanna see

The zombie apocalypse is not far from all of this - think about what you're doing while you're listening to this

Probably texting a friend, don't even try to pretend

Man, I should be doin my thing

But I'm out here tryna get the world to change

Naively, for we all know we can't be free

My big ugly stomach is temporarily fulfilled.

-double entendre literal eating, vs overeating disorder?

Lots of people just hopping fences these days, well we're all gone

Disregarding consequences, they betrayed them all along

Won't ask you if you joined in, the point is I'm preaching so listen

Lacking the foresight to spot your plight ahead, I beg of you to crack open your thick head,

and your blind eyes too, which hopefully will slowly open your mind's eye too

and stack up all your senses in the third dimension

Hair, skin, nails, anything sells

Many things there

You might know my name, but you don't know me

cause the way the media portrays me is phony

the, original bagger boy from frys, you used to despise

now ordering my food from you, askin for a side of fries

some of the things you can do can't be done,

but if you try you can understand where I'm coming from

the days when life gets kinda bad,

i chill, light up a j, and think of the things that i used to have

the things that used to matter, the things that i used to splatter

in my notebook, but i dont look back, and i'd rather have it like that.

An ever present relationship of sorts, with our fellow citizen and commuter, a community

Who by chance fell by us this cool autumn eve and alongside whom we shall stick it out through this impunity free day.

the things that i used to splatter in my notebook

like they mattered, but i dont look back, and honestly

i'd rather just have it like that

chopping up words like I never rapped before

a literal mosaic, you can say it, I adore

you could say my motivation lies in deceit

so i dont get sent back, even without the receipt

you see, i want you to think that im black

so you stick with the sheep and dont think that im whack

why do girls change their profile picture so many times in one day?

you're marketing the shit out of that body, you could say

a slut, sorry to have to put it that way

serenity, ...

I don't know how I can have so many haters,

I haven't even been on this planet for twenty-eight years

and yet, they all wanna kill me, so at the sound of the guns

I'm running and drifting in-and-out of my fun


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