Reverse Thought Process

Originally published Oct 28, 2014

v Should always be fresh v

side - not necessarily half

Speaking directly to one's good or bad

Believe in the good nature of people

Perds pas ton français mon pote

"Sharing is ..." 5 second spots

It's caring

Making Light of Sharing - (S)haring

ShareStock - ShareShares - share(s)

Universal language

The road to telepathy

Mind connection

Iv2 hookup

from top user curated content

Complete with accurate information

Literally your field of vision right now

Perspective shot

Everyone recording everything automatically



Standardization of the human race

Future of the Internet

Nov 6

Universal Language


Icons man

Proper translation

Woul have sucked

Almost cancelled the new note

Langage universel

les icônes sont supérieurs au texte.

when everyone speaks the language;

be reworked. It's easy communication

Politic has warped language but it can


Freedom redefined


Infinite vs limited ends

Psychological effect of writing upwards



x years?

Evolution of communication

More icons instead of text

Jobs; Apple



A better way to do this - faster or easier

Ça les fait dérailler

Always en arrière

Conversation littérale


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