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Revolution #1 - Whack Cause

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Nov 24, 2014 6:34 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @November 23, 2014

I write a _ poem, verse, or limerick - deep ideas, words innocent -

Feel what i feel, you feelin this?

Meal for a meal, we all equal in this feeble existence, dearly departed

Life gets cut short quick as it started and I'm sick of kids acting like it's a party - so young - so hardheaded - hellbent on change and no idea how to start it. What a pity.

Don't pity me!

Dark words echo fading out through the dark - part of their intention isn't bad _

Such angry kids well then a change it is! Make it happen fool, just don't get mad when the shit fall through cause you never put a tad of balls into it!

It's not your fault, and I don't pity you.

I just wanna see you make the best of your moves in your short life on earth. Who better than a member of your own generation to guide you to a rightfully massive celebration?

So take the heat, rinse, repeat, learn my words, drink em in, speak em in _ peace, practice what we _ preach

petty haters and penny pinchers won't affect it, I'm told, only together will we get to see the world unfold...

Let's begin.

Commendable flow is no excuse for a whack cause, black white or brown, it's all the same when the raps cause unacceptable knacks lost.

Forever in back stock ___

It's excessive to attempt to interpret an empty message, so I won't let a message of mine go unelected_


A figure of speech, a petty victory speech devoid of sensory beats, annoyed at every meek, little, and sensitive freak, and always out to get the last of every meddling weak kid hesitating, trying to lean in and possibly understand the meaning, when understanding is the MEAN in every fight that we bleed in

Lemme say it again:

Understanding is the MEAN in every fight that we bleed in

Get it? We're bleeding - we're squirming and teething like the veal that we eat -

Blargh scream

We've lost every ounce of dignity we had left, and meanwhile the economic elite leave every bad check unchecked, sunrise to sunset, shortcomings and unrest. I would un-bet their short sales in a heartbeat, dig? but what good does one person do against a bunch of ( fat pigs? Congress ) exempt from the very laws they write - unabated by the people, they cowardly evade fights using gossip and robotic distractions in plain sight?? Nahh

Cool beans, fiend of the underground

Fan of the sour smells, sweet dreams covered in blunder sounds

blunder sounds?

Wonder what'll come when the sun dips below horizon overgrown skunk hits and no Verizon to apply this local anesthetic leaving us comatosis bound to blend in crowds attending shows at a moments notice,


The masses entertained and so engrained in their sedation...passive entertainment so engrained in our nation...hoping ape-ishly we won't remain in deprivation...moping aimlessly, we so remain a winded nation (Slowing down, deeper, words blur)

Sound asleep, pounding their weak arms in a sound sleep, deep as a mountain turned upside down on its brown feet - intrinsic

Dying to escape but our fate keeps up profoundly the same, rolling an endless sided die in a never ending game - win it

maid - minute - don't ever play - with it - she's plead the same - business - since stocks invaded - this

corrupted money market, can't sit around and watch it - better stop it before it digs holes through all our pockets, the whole world would love to stop it - if we could just lead the walk it would take off and bottle rocket sky high. The momentum alone would be enough to atone ISI - - pious lie - - giant eye in the sky it's a - - but I had died to apply only to - - die

Do you really wanna die for a whack cause? Do we as people deserve to have a shelf life, in back stock?

NO! We want freedom! Right?

Opportunity! Right?

Evolution! Right? Right?

My friends, this is OUR time for OUR change! We only play by the rules right now because it's their game!

But it's not fair game, is it?

CHANGE the rules, we are forces in numbers! What we decide affects our whole entire world and covers up the past mistakes, fragile stakes waiting for magical fates to make a magical change

NO! We want freedom. Right? Take it!

We want a new system. Right? Make it!

We want control. Right? Be in control of yourself and lead the whole world to a new world order - REVOLUTION - - -

Take it! - REVOLUTION - - -

Make it!

Take to the streets and make it a reality, it's only a dream right now cause we can't seem to challenge these maladies, fallacies and self fulfilling prophets in power deemed about adequate to stand and shout over louder beats! Fuck that!

Money speaks, but we will always be louder : (MOB SHOUTS)

It's the only power we have against a power driven police and a profit driven elite, put a sock in it, please

We see the cocky talk and it defeats the whole point of lobbying for applause when all they got is a whack cause. I'm telling you man, all they got is a whack cause.

Money. Fuckin whack cause. Funny it's in back stock.


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