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Runaway / Hunted

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Jul 28, 2016 3:18 PM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @July 28, 2016

Boy and big brother trying to oust strange criminal group

Brother killed in depot

Boy escapes, hopping over walls

Dog chases him, he then realizes criminals somehow sent animals after him when he hides in bushes and nearby birds / rodents attack him

Hides in a home and peeks out curtains to see search parties (animals looking around woodenly, robotlike)

Stumbles on wife, explains that his brother was killed by strange people and now animals seem to want to hurt him, want his blood, and she believes him! Tells her not to open door under any pretext, even if it seems like nobody is out there. She suggests they talk to her husband who is outside.

Goes out on the screened porch wary of birds. Tells husband about problem, boy suddenly hears voices talking about him, they go back inside

They go out to front lawn to get a better look, sees criminals with five kids (cute girls dressed in white dresses) splitting the kids up to knock on each door. Final kid is walking up to their front door

Man sees this too, both run back inside but just as they are running back in the main criminal man sees boy

Boy notices but ducks back inside before man can do anything

Little girl knocks, man answers through opening in door asking who she is. Girl says she's looking for her runaway brother. Man asks why she's alone, then criminal father comes up to back window and is banging on glass. Man confronts him, criminal father apologizes and says his son has occasional schizophrenic (?) episodes and currently thinks animals are after him. Boy hiding with woman, both overhearing this, he pleads her to believe him and not the strange criminal man.

They hear her husband deny the man and a confrontation breaks out. Man yells for them to run to safety, suddenly goes silent, strange man advancing slowly through the house

Woman & boy run to car outside and drive off. Boy doesn't know his address. Woman driving to her sisters house but starts to question boy. As they're driving he notices they are being followed by a single bird high in the sky.


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