Shipping is simply deciding

I was roller blading home from the park when I had a sudden desire to create a new playlist starting with the song that was currently gracing my ears.

I snatched my phone, opened Spotify, went to add the song… new playlist—

Then I got sucked in. For a solid 15 seconds, wondering what I wanted to name it. (Naming is important, after all, isn’t it? How else can we recognize, if not for good names for things?)

Then SHIT—I almost hit a tree branch! 😂

In that split-second moment, I realized the power of shipping our work: making quick decisions.

For those of us makers, perfectionists, constant constructive critics, shipping has a very necessary definition:

Shipping means making the decision to do something, one way, out of all the possible ways. You can analyze and weigh options all day, but if you want to excel in life you’ll need to ship at a certain point.

Many people figure this out and start moving forward faster—and more effectively. They start crushing at life and making us all feel jealous. 😅

Because when you ship, you learn. And when you learn, you can improve.

We just have to decide when we’ll ship. 🛳️ ⏲️


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