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Dec 17, 2020 6:47 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

Originally published @September 3, 2017

They told me get a job

I told them get a life

I refuse to slave over someone else's profits right

Can you hear me?

I don't think you see it clearly, vision doubled from your troubles plus you're blinded by the feelings to revealing gotcha snared by all your woes passive thoughts don't change the flow. Killing dreams on overload looping mindless drones catch me on flip we all can't fall in line pretending things are fine while they fill the world with lies patronize this is what it's come to live above the mundane you're only you so don't change original we're not the same

Ey shut up please back away

I don't listen to what you say

You do you I'll do me

9-5 gotta grind I'm smooth extra fine

Chilling like they see me as the criminal when all I do is minimal

You work real hard I get it though

I'm coming all original, throw salt though you're to bland understand I'm a fan cheering for you when you're listening in the stands

I don't hate just do better only highs like there's no weather change your aspect mastermind playing the usual suspect


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