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The Path: Technological Monopolist, Unreliable Critic, Long Road

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Jul 24, 2014 12:24 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @July 23, 2014

Technological monopolist

pathological lobotomist on top of this

Stated to be crazy in ways not autonomous, but hey, we do the honors of keepin this shit anonymous --

Not a fowl assumption, like Artemis

Hardly started, and already lost to all this _ art of his, ya see

Part of his prerogative is blatantly obvious,

since he was born in a faintly odd metropolis

Not a dangerous space, bound together by these -- illogical hypotheses — well !

He said: “We must rethink, we must reinvent and send these hell-sent intentions back to the place I just mentioned !

Back to where they came inside from, genus and phylum—the bane of our insane asylum”

Being blind to technicalities leaves him open to battle these assumptions and add in his well-deserved opinion: -

Monsters all around him wrongly point the blame on him of wandering through life and following an anxious whim again

Instinctively, but what is he to do? He’s

And every loophole swallows him whole, locked in every coop

every option he got was not an option at all,

It had him caught up in an awful state,

when all he really cared about was puttin food on our plates.

day after long day, minute after eternal hour,

no intention to finish, shit

No intention to start—his heart just wasn’t  in it.

what's in it for you destructive critics ?

indistinct grumbling, papers shuffling

Pity, an unreliable critic, a viable prick,

annihilate it !

A style he hated, a better life he made of it.

Some degraded him, emasculated and rated him,

Some cursed under they breath when he berated them,

but nothing satiated him like a charade invading him,

Some purse they lips when he engages em,

some simply prefer to psychologically murder him.

Some torture him, some refer to him as a burden or an unsteady sturgeon in rivers unheard of, up till then

Was it up to them to see him in a light, or up to him?

Did he control the petty brims, the slack and indecisive whims of crowds upon battalions and the masses attacking him?

Or did it matter in the end, I bet I can imagine the irrational madhouse within him

A sad impression, an abstinent obsession, a collection of abstract ideas and just a tad of action

Tagged with imperfection, as a matter of fact, a lesson learned well during parole

and repeated until his internal hell consumes him whole

screaming - Wizardry 40 winks 3:02

I walked a long road just for those who didn't approve of me

I drove along a winding road all night just to prove that "me" is not a concept I can honestly adjust to any particular whim..

Their miscellaneous services won't drive me to averted ends.

Would you rather I murder them ? Work em into the system,

then abolish em like a polished end, a falsely set economic trend ?

A mockery of all things considered Occidental care,

as accidental dares attract amoxicillin air and jocks in silly lairs running amuck,

A millionaire running em up,

a billionaire not giving a —

a trillionaire politically stuck in silly affairs

and down on their luck, the people, dare to stand TALL


"It's time to make change, » and I’m preaching from new a place…

I'm afraid the old place went up in flames..

It got carried away in this ironic windfall,

when the stakes are high, the corporate ogres will fall

To their knees



I started on this path to be a part of something great and then along the way, I realized I'm already the greatness.

At any rate, it's fate that will direct me this time,

In retrospect, I wasted that time perfecting fake mes and fake rhymes

I thank the Love I'm no longer blind,

I just can’t envy those who lie to me,

My gut says, you know what, it's alright they don’t align with me

side by side they march along and lead to their own demise,

Rightfully so.

But does it mean we should try to be stoic ?

demented ?

bloated and defective ?

scape goats ineffectively dressed the part ?

remaining attentively stuck at the start ?!

Wide eyed, brain dead, easily led, and even more easily torn apart?!

Really ?

We gotta wake up, everyone

It's our game, it literally belongs to us. Our thoughts.

Our whims. Our choices. Our desires.

Our communities. Our world ... a humble wealth.

So stop listening,

Go, create, learn, discover yourself.


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