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The business metrics your writing can impact

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Jun 8, 2020 5:21 PM
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Sep 25, 2022 5:38 AM
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In order to experience success long-term, creative freelancers must understand how their work impacts and improves their clients’ businesses.

Generally, most creative work (writing, design, video, etc.) falls into the hands of the marketing department. And marketing cares about:

  • Reaching new people
  • Getting new leads
  • Getting new free-tier users
  • Turning free users into paying customers
  • Reengaging inactive leads and lost customers

Then, the product department starts to take over. Product cares about:

  • Activating users/customers
  • Retaining users/customers
  • Turning users & customers into raving fans, evangelists

Each of these bullet points is something you can pitch your services for—because, usually, businesses can tie all of these activities to bottom-line revenue, either in the form of money earned, or money saved.

As a content writer, for example, you can focus specifically on creating shareable content that reaches new audiences and draws the right crowd into the company’s website, email list, etc.

Go one step further, and for any of your clients who don’t yet track these metrics, take it upon yourself to track reach, engagement, traffic, and conversion. If you’re not one for marketing analytics, partner with a freelance marketer/analyst who can set this up for your clients.

You’ll become 10x more valuable overnight.


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