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The Project Manager

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May 28, 2015 12:58 AM
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Dec 17, 2020 7:19 PM

Originally published @May 27, 2015

I’m at my desk

Head down,

Hands raking my frown

a boiling geyser of frustration rises inside me

my keyboard stares back at me,


awaiting my next move.

how much more can I swallow?

blackness bulldozes me

struggle - stifle a scream


the impossibility of answering to a

power tripping

passive aggressive

inexperienced half-boss

self-appointed Director of All

is something I can barely put into words.

rage bubbles inside me

blood pounds furiously through my veins

swelling like storm drains

under the pouring rain of her petty claims

without even a thought,

without a SINGLE well-intended word

or any consideration for any of my work

she shreds it, smirking!

buries an hour of my time

under a few condescending remarks

brimming with toxic distaste

emotionless demands so clearly not.

inflating with power, she commands a new draft

a sad, lonely blowfish, bobbing in waves of envy, ...bloated in self love.. or loathing

I wish I could tell you.

I know you could help.

I wish I could show you.

when she's done barking orders

and the puppy eyes come back

she sniffs and pathetically kisses your ass

patching over the whole laughing matter

"Don't worry."

"Everything is fine."

But later...

"Jeremy is starting to think for himself again."

"Please augment my authority."