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The Renaissance of the 21st Century

The Renaissance of the 21st Century

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Sep 22, 2015 11:05 PM
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Have you ever seen collective consciousness? Maybe you have pondered the concept, or maybe you’ve had an insightful or revelatory experience into the matter. But have you ever seen it?...

“In 1974, American professor of psychology Dr. Clare Graves wrote an article for The Futurist magazine titled Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap. Dr. Graves described an impending change in human consciousness that would be, in his words, the most exciting transition the human race has faced to date....It is not merely a transition to a new level of existence but the start of a new “movement” in the symphony of human history.’ ”

Have a look at this visual evolution of social consciousness below.


Now, this chart merely shows the linear process of societal evolution. But we don't only progress—it’s entirely possible to regress, which has happened throughout our short history on Earth. The Middle Ages were one such period, which saw little progress in the way of mankind for generations.

Then, something sparked. Medieval Italy's rediscovery of classical Greek philosophy brought forth a Renaissance (quite literally, a rebirth) of consciousness, spearheading an explosion of culture in all forms—art, music, science, religion, self-awareness, and cultural awareness.

Today, we are seeing a similar revival, are we not? Think about it! We are hauling ourselves out of the “Dark Ages of Industry” by rediscovering life and seeing the implications of true interconnectedness. Movements are forming. People’s interests are expanding. Information is at our fingertips, and activism is more empowered than ever.

Which brings me back to my question:

Have you ever seen collective consciousness?

Ignore the dates, and focus on this absolutely mind-blowing visual representation of’s growth over 5 years. It's completely organic! It looks like blossoms literally sprouting from the earth. I was blown away by this imagery and it still amazes me today. If you're interested, you can find out how they created it by reading the YouTube video description.

This video clip is a beautiful example of our transition from Stage 5 (Enterprising) behavior, which gave rise to the Agricultural & Industrial Ages, to Stage 6 (Humanistic) thinking, which is giving rise to a 21st century Renaissance the likes of which our European predecessors could not fathom. Increasingly frequently do we see people with “community focus, valuing personal feelings and social connections, believing everything is relative, and that there are many truths rather than just one. Decision-making is by consensus, resources are shared and/or recycled & peace and harmony are highly valued.”

It's growing daily.

“Look for people who take a fearless approach, who are very accepting of others yet clear in their own mind as to what must be done; who avoid battling against archaic systems and governments, preferring instead to use minimal effort for maximum effect.”

Again—our world is moving into Stage 6 faster than we realize. We started seeing it when Google pioneered not only its goal to "organize the world's information" but also in their "not just for profit" business model. Information is at our fingertips. People’s interests are rapidly expanding, and we are starting to realize why love & peace are the answers to our problems, and how to implement them. Our faith & prosperity are being challenged, and it's our time to shine.

“This is a profound change that opens up a multidimensional awareness, and will become the first of what Dr. Graves called the ‘Being’ levels (Stages 7, 8, and beyond...) where our focus moves from a mere survival mindset to pondering the all-important question:

Who am I  in the world?


All quoted material is from an article written by Steve McDonald originally published in Entheogenesis Australis (EGA) Journal 3 – 2011/2012 (December 2011)


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