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tired of the bullshit

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May 14, 2020 3:32 AM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

lord lord please –

i'm tired of the bullshit

no point beatin around the bush about it

while the world is on fire,

people just keep dying

why we nitpicking costing lives, acting like it’s fine?

lord lord please –

people are dying ◀️

people are trying so hard to survive and

no point making it harder to be alive

we out here rising above it, trying to thrive

trying to thrive … … . .

the idea of rising above the bullshit is what maintains my movement

i need to break free of the stupid moves that we all seem to keep choosing

choose to see the truth, with me, we’ll be unstoppable

rage peacefully, with me, around a common goal

come through the veil,

would you please? please?

not add to the disease

please please, i am so

sick of this bullshit i can't seem to leave

please? please?

would you please, now?

refrain from speaking down?

can we treat each other like people

i'll start by leading how i wanna be led,

let’s put the bullshit to bed, and instead

just focus on the Big Red target ahead

would you please? please

not add to the disease

so sick of the bullshit i cannot seem to leave