To Nique

Originally published Feb 14, 2016

It's honestly uncommon for me to get caught up in a problem like you

These days I'm better off being applauded for the products I move

But frankly I'm appalled at the quality of your content, I'm convinced that someone like you could arrest a beat if you wanted.

You see? While you pursued the profits and never forgot to market yourself you forgot a thought process that'd have skyrocketed you to the top

If you were stupid I'd just let you be and applaud your initiative but you got more than half a brain stem, so make it a mission then

In this day and age you have to push your limits and stand out, besides, why would you wanna turn out the same bland sounds?

Shit, I'm not even making moves in this industry but at least I'm talking about real shit when I do, and I do it freely, feel me?

I have and will continue to let bygons be bygons, and I hope you see that I'm actually trying to help you fly on


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