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Vibes (intoxicated) - Afreezy

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Jan 9, 2020 5:05 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @January 8, 2020


You intoxicate me

You know how to sway me

You reel me in from afar


I’m intoxicated

You know how to play me

just like electric guitar


Your vibe intoxticates me

That’s my final proclamation

Make me wanna date you

But to myself I need to stay true

The people close to your soul gon make you

So you gotta make the right choice can’t let em break you

Take twooo

Just take twooo

Seconds to break it loose

Maybe shouldn’t have came to you

Take a bite of forbidden fruits

Might just lose a tooth

But I’m still grounded in the roots

Of love unconditional the origin is mystical

Write about you from the soul call it biblical

Got me wavy then a tasty blunt rum we sipping on

Words be flippin on you gon draw them right outta me

So you know I’m all about spitting peace

No substitution can’t spit pollution, love surrounding me

You the water in my desert never be drowning me

You take me to a special place right out the heat

Gimme a kiss I cannot miss take me out my sleep

Say goodbye to the distractions that was starting to creep

I found your soul and I found my missing piece to inner peace


and baby

my hearts been pounding lately

you sure know how to play me

just like electric guitar


You make me feel like a star

Something deep inside of me

Awoke and came up out of me

late one summer evening, when i saw you walking up to me

your beautiful smile caught my eye as you sized me up quietly

my heart skipped a beat, and next thing i knew

i’d ended up at your side

alive inside

feeling like one lucky dude


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