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Dec 23, 2020 4:22 PM
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We’re walking back to our hotel building in downtown any city after a conference

We get there and manual elevator — just three steps with a podium and a rope

I’m trying to set up a teleport destination

Pass 17th to 23rd floor

Walk back down reach restaurant

Get table for two

Elizabeth asks girl with laptop to email her to “make sure it works”

All of a sudden realize we’re wanted

Restaurant turns into parking garage, host turns into Mario Diaz — helping us escape

I jump in my car, Elizabeth tried to get in passenger side but door comes off in her hand

I tell her leave it she says no they’ll be able to find us

She jumps in huge lifted truck and holds onto door out the window

as she’s driving door turns into plastic political sign type thing

She doesn’t know where to go, so I signal right into a neighborhood

She turns and I follow, immediately signal left

She doesn’t understand tried to go in driveway, I go past and turn left into back alley of small duplex community

She follows, we drive into a junkyard area. Two kids playing off to one side

Now time to hide the cars and dip on foot

She somehow reduces her truck down into a bionicle snake head predator looking thing, stuffs it into pile of junk

I stuff my car sideways into an opening on the other side, it morphs into a guitar case looking thing. Has all our clothes in it, as well as my office whiteboard

We’re stuffing our pockets with things for survival including masks 😷 (even though none used in dream until now)

Elizabeth reminds me to take off license plate so I grab the drill and take it off

Then I realize we should change into other clothes so they won’t recognize us

We ask the kids to go play inside, they agree and I give them a toy

While we’re changing into the most opposite clothes we can find, a couple girls sneak back into the junkyard and light up, starting a hushed conversation

We continue until we hear the front gate open and male voices, steps crunching down driveway, flashlights bouncing

We freak out, hide down low, wait and see what happens

Two shaggy homeless looking dudes sneak back and looking around

I jump out yelling loudly, scare them away. They dip , cursing at me

We finish changing and begin our escape...