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We/Us: The power of being on the same team

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Jun 5, 2020 2:47 PM
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Dec 3, 2021 5:31 PM

Whether you’re after jobs or clients, human psychology applies.

We all want to feel included, to feel like part of something. And if you want more freelance clients, more job interviews, more results to arise from opportunities—be intentional about whose team you’re on while you’re playing the game.

What I mean by that:

One person talks in “you vs. me” terms. They say, “I feel like the trial project went well. How about you? Do you envision bringing me onto the team for more work?”

Another uses “we & us” terminology. They say, “Our first project together went well! We set out to achieve XYZ, and we did XYZ and more. I’m excited to speak about next steps and how we can continue to execute on Company’s mission and goals.”

Talk about a mic-dropping difference.

Using that we/us terminology subconsciously and organically aligns us with others. It wraps a metaphorical arm around the shoulders of the reader and says, “We’re in this together, right now.” 

Using that we/us terminology is more than just words. It’s an attitude: constantly aiming to be on the same side of the proverbial table as your clients/collaborators, rather than on opposite sides. It’s one in which you take the client arm-in-arm and face your challenge together.

This is why, since the start of GigLoft, I’ve always written in we/us form. I’m a creative entrepreneur, you’re a creative entrepreneur. We’re in this together, always.

Have a great Friday/Saturday wherever you are in the world.


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