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Why reinvent the wheel? A manifesto on GigLoft’s value to other pro-freelance entrepreneurs

Why reinvent the wheel? A manifesto on GigLoft’s value to other pro-freelance entrepreneurs

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Jan 25, 2021 10:01 PM
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Sep 25, 2022 5:40 AM

Originally published @January 25, 2021

During our year-and-a-half journey building

and creating marketing content for dozens of brands, I realized something important:

Tons of brands create the exact same content, aimed at practically the same audiences.

For any given topic, an average of twenty-odd companies & solo creators are producing the same general resources. The result is a noisy landscape of people talking over each other.

I envision something different.

There is an opportunity to pool our evergreen resources together into a single resource library.

The absolute highest quality, most current, all-encompassing source of truth on a particular category.

Rather than every freelancer-facing brand creating its own blog articles and “ultimate guides” on how to freelance, we can all share—and contribute to—the Library of

. It becomes a landmark of the Internet, a gleaming building within the Digital City of Freelancing.


It’s not Udemy or YouTube—we won’t have knowledge on everything. We’ll always focus on hosting knowledge necessary to creating our own valuable, financially stable professions. We’ll leave room for other GigLofts to become the Libraries of Other Things, and we’ll stay true to our mission:

Help millions of people create their own professions, their own financial security.

We don’t all need to produce evergreen content and resources that help freelancers succeed. We don’t even need to all use content to attract prospective freelancers into our communities, software products, or coaching/mentorship services.

We can share in a single, comprehensive collection.

In this world, you retain brand recognition and community.

Every contributor earns from this transaction:

  • Your brand is front-and-center in the resources you create
  • Your brand is featured in the resources you contribute to
  • Your products, community, etc. is recommended, non-intrusively, in relevant places in the resources—positioned as a valuable add-on to the freelancer’s career trajectory

Think of GigLoft as a distribution & acquisition channel for your brand.

Let’s chat!

, ideally via email: jeremy at


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