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You said you wanted heavy?

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Jul 3, 2013 1:57 AM
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Sep 9, 2021 12:54 AM

Originally published @July 2, 2013

Murder, death, anger, hunger

Vocabulary for the metal monger

We will rape your younger and plunder your village with a mighty thunder

Chasing a very bloody pillage, and sunder

Your culture in half, back to back

We, attack, we, blast and break and crack and shake

And we never quit doing it, make no mistake

Stay awake, or suffer the death of a million swarming rogues

Descending upon your body in droves

You said you wanted something heavy?

Here's a little something, it's almost ready

Prepare to be chopped and screwed, stay steady

Okay! Ready or not, murderous thoughts in my head I think not I will act, upon them, and take you to the devil to be con-demned!

Quick, split your eardrum in two

Fickle though it may be, it's not you

Fecal matter, chattering your teeth, spattered on your clothes,  shivering your spine down to your toes, toast!

Slap! Kill all the critters, it's too late you're chewed up

And im bout to, spit a rap so crude cut Ready ready ready set go, boom!

Ugh! You will never die

As long as I'm alive

You, will never know,

What its like, to rest, for eternity

You will never know

What its like to rest, for eternity

You will never know what its like to rest eternally

Sit there, hunched, with a stoge, on your phone

Paying no attention to the homeless, groan

A mindless drone stuck in a timeless time zone

Bitching on about a petty dimeless clone, assembly line style, might wanna head home

Mind this, though, like a time loan, your feeble mindset's prone to real sidestep cyclones

And every mindful mime gets thrown onto the back burner - unfit to be the designated stone-turner

Bone-crunchers, and blood curlers, so ready to throw words and execute a bloody murder

Electrocute a muddy hurdle, but a further


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